The Cardiovascular Benefits of Walking Your Dog

Summary: You beloved dog needs the right amount of exercise to keep his heart and vitals at tip-top shape.

While most of you pet owners already know about the importance of walking your dog routinely, do you truly understand the physical benefits that it offers your trusted companion?

Cardiovascular System

For one, taking your dog out on a stroll provides them with the proper cardio that he needs to keep his heart pumping strong. Additionally, it also allows him to shed a few pounds that he might’ve gained during his buffet session that you let him have.

But, a dog’s heart can’t compare to a human’s. Just like you need to walk around and get your heart going every once in a while, a dog needs the same thing too. By properly giving him the right diet and combining it with daily walks and runs around the neighborhood, you’re doing everything that you need to do to be a responsible owner.

Letting Your Dog Out Isn’t the Same

Now don’t confuse walking your dog with letting him outside to go pee and play around. Sure, he is running but he’s not getting the exercise that he needs to thrive. He requires more than just a few minutes of running around chasing a ball to stay active and healthy. Keep in mind that while he’s outside for 30 minutes, he’s inside the rest of the day. What does that say about staying healthy? He’s likely to walk around a bit inside when he wants to eat or drink but ultimately, he’s going to lie around and bask in all the laziness that he wants.

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