Monet Bench - OFB-09 - Curved for Comfort

The free flowing design of this Monet Bench is great for restful quiet moments or intimate conversations.

Our backs are rounded so why shouldn't our benches be? That problem is solved when you buy this beautiful rounded bench. It is amazing what a slight difference in design can do for you. 

There is no shortage of fun things you can do with your new comfortable bench as well. It can be where you sit once you've done your gardening.

Or, it can be the first place you go when you wake up in the morning. Take your coffee and Danish outside and watch the birds as they flutter by.

Of course, there is more that enough room for you to invite your significant other or favorite pet. Make it a special place where you can go to be with your loved ones.

Its functionality doesn't even begin to cover how lovely it will look. Even when you don't get a chance to sit in this bench you'll get to appreciate the way it looks. You won't be the only one: there will be admiring glances all around. 

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