Cedar Armchair - ATC - AC22u Patio Chair

Excellent Outdoor Dining Chair: Easy To Get Into & Easy To Get Out Of, and a perfect addition to your backyard.

The air fills with the sounds of happy laughter and children splashing around in the backyard pool. Nothing says summer more than those fun-filled afternoons of childhood, where you can simply let loose and enjoy life. The slap of wet feet against the deck signals that lunch time is fast approaching, so grab one of these sturdy chairs and enjoy the noon time meal.

These cedar armchairs will make a beautiful addition to any backyard dining experience. Their solid wood construction allows anyone to maneuver in and out of them with ease, which is very important when you have rambunctious children eager to dive back into the pool.

Cedar Arm Chair Features Include:

  • Clear Western Red Cedar
  • Finely sanded finish
  • Fully routed edges
  • Zinc plated hardware


  • Handcrafted for snug-fitting parts
  • Fully Illustrated instructions
  • Pre-drilled holes
  • Quality Guaranteed!