Athena Tete de Tete Loveseat - Western Red Cedar

Where do you find the time for love? The answer is in a beautiful Adirondack loveseat. Imagine heating up some hot cocoa and sitting together on your loveseat under the stars.

Of course, you don’t have to wait for nighttime to come in order to enjoy your cedar loveseat. You can place the seat in the garden. Laugh, talk, and share together as you make plans for the future or reminisce about the past.

Or, you don’t have to talk. Sometimes the best thing about being in love is that you don’t have to say anything at all. Bring a book to read and know that just being near each other is a great comfort.

There is nothing more romantic than sitting together and enjoying all that nature has to offer. In fact, you’ll want to sit and cuddle the days away outside. Since you’ll be sitting so close together you can even take the chance to give the one you love a smooch or two!