Athena Adirondack Rocker Chair by All Things Cedar - RC22

Many people have rocking chairs in their home. They are popular because it is relaxing to rock.  But have you ever considered having a rocking chair outside?

Getting an Adirondack rocking chair is a great idea for your backyard!  There is no reason to stay indoors if you have a beautiful place to sit.

There is something amazingly calming about being outside. There have even been studies performed that show how the outdoors can improve your mood and outlook on life.

When you have your cedar rocking chair you can do many things outside to take advantage of the benefits.  If you like to do something like knit you can sit and knit the day away on your rocking chair.

You could also make it your place to write a special journal entry in your rocking chair each day.  Relax your mind and let your thoughts flow free as you unwind. 

You might be surprised at how fast this comfortable and quiet chair becomes your favorite place to sit.  And it's not even inside your house!